Transcript: Closing Remarks

Hello there, I’m Dave Martin, I’m joining you from North Carolina, USA. I’m a designer by trade, but now work as the general manager of WordPress dotcom. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for joining us today for the second WordPress dotcom growth summit. We’re so glad you’ve joined us. I especially want to thank our guests who took time out of their busy lives to share what they’ve learned with us. Thank you. We’ve learned so much from your stories. I also wanted to take a moment and just thank the team for WordPress dotcom, who created a great experience today. Thank you, team. You know, we often lead our meetings with a reminder to ourselves about what our mission is, and that is to democratize publishing and commerce. We believe that anyone anywhere should feel free to publish and share their ideas with the world and be able to make money doing so, assuming that’s one of their goals. We also believe you should own your own work on all of your content, only information about your audience, own everything around what you create and even be in full control of what you earn as you grow. It’s been really inspiring for us to hear stories from just a few of our successful customers and how they started with just an idea and then went on to build everything from modern newsrooms to Digital Studios to social movements and international e-commerce businesses. Hopefully these stories were inspiring and motivating for you as well. We’re constantly doing our best to make our service even better for you, two things our team are focused on from a design and product standpoint. Our number one, to learn more about our users on WordPress, dotcom and understand your goals and your needs. And number two, to customize the experience as you get started with making a website, we want you to be able to share your work and reach your goals as quickly as possible, because we know that having a website, it probably isn’t your end goal. Right? your goal is to make money or to build a following or to gather leads or to launch a business or simply to share your thoughts and feelings with the world. In most cases, your goal starts with creating something. A good percentage of our new customers come to us with a desire to share an idea. And that makes sense, !invisible!, with our roots in WordPress and going way back 18 years with blogging. Now you’re in good company if your goal today is primarily to share your ideas. Could be your writing, your art, your podcast, your service, your organization, whatever it might be, and from there you can do anything. So go ahead and get started, and just as you heard from Matt earlier today, it’s important to learn and share and grow. Take what you’ve learned today from our inspiring customers and from our talented happiness engineers who, by the way, are always on standby if you need help. And always be learning. Something we’ve learned is that our customers don’t always know exactly what they want their site to look like, but we’ve also seen that you have an incredible aptitude and willingness to dive in and learn the many, many design options available to you as a designer, I know how important. This can be. But as important as it is to learn and to want to perfect what you’re making, my advice is this. Don’t wait too long to share, share your first post even before you think it’s ready, it might be scary, but just share it. Share your first episode of Your podcast, share the first episode of Your newsletter, share the site at your building with your audience or even with just a few people. But get it out there and don’t look back. It’s time to grow. There’s never been a better time to create. You can do whatever you’ve setting out to do and we will be here to support you. Thank you so much again for joining us today. And we hope you enjoyed it.

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