The WordPress.com
Growth Summit 2021

Calling creators, small businesses, and publishers! Do you have a story to tell or a product to sell? Let our leaders inspire you to find and grow your audience, build a thriving community, and earn money. Watch the recordings of the second annual WordPress.com Growth Summit, and also get access to all the videos from the first event in 2020!

You’ve got an idea; let’s get it online

Get expert advice on how to design your site, write effective copy, attract traffic, build a community, and earn money during this online event.

Get inspired

Our leaders built their businesses from the ground up. Jumpstart your project with the benefit of their experience in design, publishing, audience development, and e-commerce.

Build for growth

Roll up your sleeves! Get hands-on, expert help on how to build your site, market your ideas, and earn revenue.

Find your community

Learn from peers around the world. Get inspired and make real connections at our virtual networking sessions. Build relationships to boost your business and stay inspired beyond the Growth Summit.


Join a community of successful bloggers, creators, publishers, business leaders, and WordPress.com experts for engaging talks and practical tips on how to grow your site and reach your goals.

Amani al-Khatahtbeh

Founder at Muslim Girl

Marjorie Asturias

Director of Growth R&D at WordPress.com

Mike Bal

Head of Community Growth at WordPress.com

Jerry Bates

Happiness Engineer at WordPress.com

Tolly Carr

General Manager at HBCU Gameday

Neil Chase

CEO at Cal Matters

Andrew dela Serna

Happiness Engineer at WordPress.com

Erika Ellacott

Merchant Community Advocate, WooCommerce at Automattic

Nick Engvall

Entrepreneur, Writer, Content Creator at STATURE and Sneaker History

Kim Fox

VP, Product Strategy at CalMatters

Steven Gaither

Founder, HBCU Gameday

Semiha Kocer

Growth Marketing Lead at WordPress.com

Dave Martin

GM at WordPress.com

Richard Midson

Podcasting for Beginners Lead at WordPress.com

Matt Mullenweg

Co-Founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic

distributed.blog / ma.tt

David Nitzsche

Owner/Editor at Workprint

Rose Pajaroja

Happiness Engineer at WordPress.com

Jessica Petrie

Owner & Lead Teacher at Yoga Next Door

Wali Pitt

Web Developer at HBCU Gameday

Kathryn Presner

Happiness Engineer at WordPress.com

Kristina Quinones

Director of Growth Marketing at WordPress.com

Jeff Rozic

Growth Marketing at WordPress.com

Anja Spilker

Founder & CEO at ZALOA Languages

Tanya Thibodeau

Happiness Engineer at WordPress.com

James Weber

Happiness Engineer at WordPress.com

Kinsey Wilson

Head of Newspack at Automattic

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